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Column: Basketball season comes far too soon

November 9, 2006

I couldn't believe it when I heard it last week. It was still the end of October, so how could it be?

Just after the fall sports season ended at Baldwin High School on Oct. 28, I was preparing to wrap up fall sports at Baker University. Then it hit me: basketball season is here and starting this week.

How could this be true so soon? College athletics are still in the full swing of fall sports. I was still in football and cross country mode, which seemed to end very early this year.

I know Baker is still playing football and major colleges are too, but Baldwin High finished earlier than it has in previous years. Plus, the fall season flew by like a Kansas gale.

Despite the unwanted change in seasons, I knew that I must accept the fact that basketball was here, because the Baker sports are all that I have for a week or two.

BHS winter sports don't begin practice until Monday, so I was stuck accepting the basketball this week. Then it hit me that the University of Kansas will begin basketball action, which made the transition easier.

Last Thursday, I sat down and watched my beloved Jayhawks open the season against Washburn University. It was a fun game and really got my hoops blood boiling.

Since I was beginning to realize that basketball was here and I needed stories for this week, I looked at Baker's schedules to the see when the Wildcats play at home. It just happened that both teams were hosting games Saturday, which couldn't have worked out better.

I enjoyed watching the Wildcats, even though I couldn't quite get excited for the games like I normally do. Once January hits, I love covering the sport, but in early November, my mind is still focused on the pigskin.

Then I received a sign when I was writing this column that basketball is here to stay until March. During the middle of my typing, the song "One Shining Moment" began to play on my iPod.

For those of you who don't know, that is the song that is played after the NCAA championship game in April. It signifies the end of the college basketball season and makes the title game worth watching.

Well if you are like me, you better realize that the basketball season has begun, even without a transition period between seasons.

I'll see you on the court or in front of the television.

Go Jayhawks and (BU) Wildcats.

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