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Letter to the Editor

November 2, 2006

To the editor:

In the last two years, there has been a major focus on education within the legislature, the judicial and executive branches of our state government. Here is a summary: A) Educational expenditures -- 1) About $750 million appropriated; 2) Schools for fair funding, about three million (did not have to pay $22,000 in IRS delinquencies); 3) Board of Regents, a) several double digit tuition increases, b) says $800 million needed for maintenance. B) Rights relinquished -- 1) Was the legislature appropriation power diminished? 2) Was the line between the Supreme Court and the legislature blurred? 3) Involved justices appear to have received only a slap on the wrist. C) Standards -- State Board of Education did not increase the percentage of students who must meet proficiency requirements apparently required by federal law (Topeka Capital-Journal, 9/13/06).

Much more money was spent but were rights and standards diminished?

Leo Kerwin

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