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Halloween pranksters run afoul with the law

November 2, 2006

A Halloween prank turned from fun to trouble for at least five Baldwin City juveniles Tuesday night.

Police Chief Mike McKenna said there were two vehicles involved in what turned into a city-wide shooting spree involving five boys who used paintball guns to "decorate" houses, signs and other targets.

"We have over 40 different places that received damage from these paintball guns Tuesday night," said McKenna. "Officers on duty began getting phone calls and information about the vehicles. Because there were cars involved, it caused some problems.

"But the officers did a good job of piecing it together and apprehended the boys," he said.

McKenna said several of the boys were interviewed Tuesday night, a few more Wednesday and interviews were to continue. He declined to say anything about possible charges the boys face. Those will be determined following the investigation and the district attorney has a chance to review the information.

"Anyone who has damage done to their property and hasn't been contacted by the Baldwin City Police Department should do so," said McKenna.

He said three boys started the spree in one car. Their target was signs and other items at Midland Railway. One of the boys got out of the car and the other two continued the spree in south Baldwin.

Later, one of those boys got in another car with three other boys and moved the paintball shooting throughout Baldwin.

"In that car they continued to criss cross Baldwin shooting houses and signs," he said. "One house had over 30 paintball marks in it."

In other police news this week, on Sunday around 9:30 p.m., a woman reported to police that someone had damaged her mailbox in the 200 block of Jersey. McKenna said someone had taken a Baldwin City traffic barrier and struck the mailbox with it. There was no monetary loss.

Police also responded to a domestic violence situation in the 900 block of Orange. A woman was taken by police to a women's shelter in Lawrence. No other information was available.

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