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Bulldog Days begin slowly

May 18, 2006

Anyone wanting a 30-minute exercise workout involving plyometrics, sit-ups and push-ups is once again invited to attend the Bulldog Days sessions.

The second year of Bulldog Days began at 6 a.m. Monday in front of Baldwin High School, with the second session at 8 p.m.

Mike Everett, Bulldog Days helper, said the numbers were low the first night, but that has to do with school still being in session.

"We had seven or eight there Monday night," Everett said. "While school is in session, it's tough. It will pick back up the week after Memorial Day."

Bulldog Days founder, George McCrary, said he hopes to attract people to the workouts because it's open to all ages.

"It's just a little exercise," McCrary said. "There are so many different ages that show up. I'm not a militant drill sergeant. It's just a nice 30-minute workout. Kids, adults and seniors can come."

Bulldogs Days began last June when McCrary tried to bring the idea of Lawrence's Red Dog Days to Baldwin. Each workout is done at an individual's own pace.

Some of the exercises can include stretching, calisthenics, jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, stairs and plyometrics.

McCrary said he hasn't begun to work on making t-shirts for people who attend a certain number of days, but plans to soon. Last year, t-shirts were given to participants who attended 15 workouts.

Bulldogs Days meets at 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in front of BHS.

"It's good to get refocused and on a routine again," Everett said. "I know there are lots of people that want to do that again."

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