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BHS class of 2006 a tight-knit group

May 18, 2006

By noon Saturday, the high school careers of 106 Baldwin High School seniors will be history, leaving behind the memories of an active and friendly group of students.

When asked about this senior class, Baldwin High School teacher Kit Harris said it was one of the better classes he has seen at BHS.

"This class had a lot of really strong leaders," Harris said. "I think they had a variety of areas in which they excelled in. There were a lot of unique differences and interesting personalities they had. It's always fun to watch a group grow form ninth graders to seniors and to see how far they come along. This class is no exception and we will miss them."

For senior Katelyn Miles, graduation will be tough because she has been friends with many of her classmates for a long time.

"I have had a lot of fun with everybody in my class because a lot of us have been together since sixth grade," Miles said. "We have a lot of memories together and it will be sad to leave here."

Senior Lynne Lammers said she has known many of her classmates since kindergarten, which makes graduation tougher on her.

"I feel like we had a good community," Lammers said. "I am just going to miss seeing everyone together. I have been here since kindergarten; my whole life is basically with these people. It's really going to be hard to leave."

The memories for senior Ryan Jorgensen revolve around the class's ability to be good all around.

"I will always remember that we had pretty good leadership and we were really dominant in sports," Jorgensen said. "We were just a bunch of good kids trying to help out around the community."

Busy bunch of Bulldogs

Many of the graduating seniors were active at BHS, whether it was in several of the school's clubs, athletics, debate, forensics or academically.

"I think we have an extremely varied class," Lammers said. "I think we have some really driven people and we've got some really talented people academically, athletically and artistically."

BHS Counselor Melody Hoffsommer said the graduating class is very smart.

"The first thing that comes to mind is bright," Hoffsommer said. "They are a very bright class. There are a lot of upper level students."

The ability for this year's class to adapt to the high schools' changes impressed Harris.

"They endured the senior project and a lot of excellent things came out of that for a lot of them," Harris said. "They saw our school change curriculum in certain areas. I really think they helped make our school a better place academically."

One of those students who took on many activities was senior Spencer Wilson. He was on the BHS cross country and track teams, newspaper co-editor with Jessica Hill, student council president and an honor student.

He was a member of several clubs, including Winner's Circle, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Letterman's Club and Citizens for Drug Conscious Baldwin.

"I did a lot of different things this year," Wilson said. "I will remember the cross country teams winning the state titles. I will also remember working on the class gift."

Wilson said he liked his year as student council president because it gave him some new experiences in high school.

"I did enjoy being the student council president," Wilson said. "It was a lot of extra work and it kind of added to the stress of senior year. I got to be a part of some situations where I had to do some public speaking or hold some sort of leadership role. It was a beneficial experience for me."

Harris said the seniors he had in his journalism class were excellent this year.

"This was a fantastic group for journalism," Harris said. "There were some kids that took on a lot of responsibility and took a lot of initiative to try and improve our yearbook and newspaper publications. This will be a really hard group to replace."

The 2006 seniors were responsible for many activities at BHS, including the spring break cook out, painting the cafeteria, organizing many of the school dances and setting up the Winner's Circle sixth grade fun day with Baldwin Junior High School.

"We painted the cafeteria, which hasn't been done since the building was built," Wilson said. "That was pretty cool. The sixth grade fun day was also fun and very organized."

Hoffsommer enjoyed the leadership that many of the seniors took this year.

"The students who put themselves in leadership positions really did well," Hoffsommer said. "They really had some great ideas and were fantastic to work with."

Many students in this class of seniors took trips out of the country. Alexis Tommer and Charley Jo Schwartz both went to Australia during the summer on separate trips.

Several other seniors traveled to France during the spring of 2005. Others went to Greece and Italy during the summer of 2004, including seniors Rose Garrison, Hill and Wilson.

"The trip that I enjoyed the most was going to Greece and Italy after my sophomore year," Garrison said. "I went with Jessica Hill, Spencer Wilson and Casey Nelson. That was very cool."

There were several other trips the seniors took, including one to Colorado that Lammers remembers.

"I have a lot of memories with the band," Lammers said. "I also remember going to Colorado and the ski trip there."

Close group of seniors

Most high school classes have their own groups or cliques that students hang out in. These students were no exception to that, but they did get along well with each other.

"You have your cliques, but everybody was generally nice to everyone else," Jorgensen said. "You may not be best friends, but everybody was pretty good friends."

Parr agreed with Jorgensen, saying the class has different groups, but got were friendly to the other students.

"We definitely are a close class," Parr said. "Although there is a lot of variety, everybody gets along. It's got its own groups, but overall we get along very well. We just have a lot of respect for each other."

Many of the seniors also felt that the class was a close group of friends.

"We were a pretty close class," Hill said. "Everyone seems to get along with everybody. I think it's going to be hard to leave. I think I will miss the people the most."

Wilson said the class had a few clowns, but overall it was good.

"I think for the most part people got along," Wilson said. "There were a few yahoos here and there, but I think we did all right."

Garrison said the seniors are an incredible group on people that comprise the BHS student body.

"Honestly, our class represents the greatest group of individuals at this high school," Garrison said. "Everybody is nice to everyone. It is a really good group of individuals that make up a whole."

Hoffsommer said she will miss this class, especially the student council officers she worked with

"We've had a lot of good laughs and we've cried together at times," Hoffsommer said. "Overall, it's been good times."

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