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Dorathy is a good ‘fit’ for school district

March 30, 2006

We are delighted with the Baldwin School Board's decision to hire Paul Dorathy as the new school superintendent and the board's due diligence to stay with the task and get the job done.

It wasn't easy.

Dorathy's credentials are impressive, as is the wealth of experience he brings to the Baldwin district. Just as important, he appears to be that "good fit" that the board so avidly sought.

The board did an exhaustive search for candidates to replace the retiring James White and brought in a wide array of candidates. While all were impressive in certain ways, some weren't that "fit" the board was after.

Dorathy was and we welcome him to Baldwin. We look forward to moving into the future with new and fresh ideas.

In the recent past, the school district has been hampered by a lack of state funding, among other things. It appears the Legislature is going to sweeten the ante. Between that and new leadership in several key areas, the Baldwin district is not only poised to continue its long history as one of the state's best, but take that to another level.

We deserve only the best out of our district and the school board has us headed in that direction.

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