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BHS softball eager for games, nice weather

March 30, 2006

March has not been a kind month for the Baldwin High School softball team as it has provided bad weather that has forced the Bulldogs to practice indoors for many days.

Despite the many indoor practices, the Bulldogs will take the field today for their season opening game against Central Heights.

"After all of those indoor practices, we are ready just to get outside," senior Charley Jo Schwartz said. "The games should be getting started and we are ready for some."

Coach Ginny Honomichl said the team is tired of practicing everyday and is ready for some games.

"We are tired of being inside and tired of just waiting," Honomichl said. "After our first game, we will probably think we should have had some more practice, but that's OK."

On Tuesday, Honomichl said the team designated junior Emily Krysztof to take care of providing nice weather for the games.

"We put Emily Krysztof in charge of weather for these two days," Honomichl said. "She has blessed us with nice weather today."

Schwartz said the indoor practices haven't hurt the Bulldogs, but instead have made practice less enjoyable.

"I don't think they have hurt us, but our enthusiasm just isn't the same when we are inside," Schwartz said. "I think we are working a lot on batting and I think that is going to show throughout the season."

In preparation for their first games, the Bulldogs have been working on more game situations this week in practice.

"We are working on hitting off of live pitching, which is really hard to do indoors," Honomichl said. "We are also working on fielding live hitting. We are also working on people being in the right spots and making the right coverages."

Last year, BHS opened its season on the Tuesday after spring break. Honomichl said she is enjoying the extra days prior to the season opener.

"It's definitely nice to have a few more days after the break to practice, because it gives us almost a week before we have to do anything," Honomichl said. "It should give us a little more confidence."

Baldwin will be looking to its pitching for success this year, as it will have three pitchers capable of playing varsity. They are junior Courtney Johnson, sophomore Callie Craig and freshman Alex Zordel.

Honomichl said the seniors will be the leaders on the team, but the pitching staff should lead the team on the field.

"If you are talking about our leaders, it's going to be our two seniors," Honomichl said. "The position we are strongest at is going to be our pitching. That will be Courtney (Johnson), Callie (Craig) and Alex (Zordel). That's where our position strength will be."

The Bulldogs will play Central Heights at 4:30 p.m. today at home. The varsity will play first, followed by the junior varsity game on the same field.

Honomichl said Johnson will be starting the game Thursday, but she hopes to give Craig and Zordel playing time.

Schwartz said she is pumped up about beginning her senior season at home.

"I am really ready and excited for the first game," Schwartz said. "I think we can pull some strings and get everything worked out. I think we have a lot of talent this year, so we could be very good."

The Bulldogs will play their first three games at home. They play host to Hays at 4:30 p.m. Friday. Both the varsity and junior varsity squads will play doubleheaders at home.

"That will be exciting," Schwartz said. "We are hoping to get our super fans out again this year. They are pretty excited about it, too. It's nice to start at home."

Honomichl said the home games will be nice for another reason.

"To have the first two outings at home is really nice," Honomichl said. "In case the girls forget to bring anything, they can call their parents and have them bring it here. We are going to find what our routine is and then get better at it."

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