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Weapons are drawn by police

June 29, 2006

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident Monday on U.S. Highway 59 involving a handgun that turned out to be a BB gun and led to a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 56 in front of the Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center where Baldwin officers drew weapons.

According to Baldwin Police Chief Mike McKenna, an off-duty Baldwin officer was on the way back from Lawrence when a gun was noticed in the car behind through the officer's rear-view mirror. The officer called Baldwin police.

"An individual was brandishing a weapon out the window," said McKenna. "The officer turned on (U.S. Highway) 56 and the car behind continued to follow the officer. It was reported that they were pointing the gun at other cars."

An officer pulled the car over at BESIC and was joined by McKenna and a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper. It was discovered that the weapon in the car was a BB gun.

"We got the boys out of the car and discovered the gun was a replica (of a service revolver)," he said.

The three 18-year-old Baldwin men went to the police station on their own where they were interviewed. No arrests were made and the three were released.

"I was relieved no one got injured," said McKenna. "No shots were fired. It was handled in a routine manner. There were no arrests.

"I asked the sheriff's office to do the case on it so there would not be any appearance of improprieties on our part," he said. "The county sheriff will do the investigation and turn it over to the district attorney."

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