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Horror show’ set to grace stage

June 29, 2006

Anyone looking for humor, romance and a man-eating plant should see the Baldwin City Community Theater's production this weekend.

"The Little Shop of Horrors" is a musical based off the 1986 movie. It will provide something for everyone.

"If anybody has seen the movie, that in itself would make you want to see it, because it's just such a great show," said Marion Constantinescu, who plays the shop keeper Mr. Mushnik. "The music in it is fantastic. It's got humor, blood and guts, music and romance. It's got a little bit of everything.

"It's everything you would want, all wrapped up into one," Constantinescu said.

Director Annette Cook said each performance of the play is different, especially this one.

"It's fun and different," Cook said. "Every interpretation is different from the other one. Ours is definitely different than most."

Cook said the play offers lots of entertainment for the audience.

"If they have any interest in sci-fi, they will love it," Cook said. "It's 50's music, so they will love that. The puppets are amazing. It's entertaining."

The show begins at 8 tonight at the Baldwin Junior High School auditorium. It will run at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday.

"I encourage everyone to come see it, because the talent is amazing," Cook said. "We've got people from Baldwin, Gardner, Topeka and Lawrence. It's a small cast, but it's a dynamite cast."

Cook said the cast is ready to begin the show.

"I am absolutely ready and so is the cast," Cook said of opening night. "They are having so much fun, they are ready to put it on in front of people."

Constantinescu is also ready to begin the play.

"I am way passed ready," Constantinescu said. "I am ready to get this thing going."

Constantinescu said the plot of the story is fairly simple.

"It is a sci-fi musical thriller," Constantinescu said. "It is about a plant that mysteriously appears out of nowhere and is adopted by this man named Seymour, who works at a plant shop. Seymour nurtures him and tries to get him to grow, but finds out the only thing that will get him to grow is human blood. Then he ends up committing grizzly murders.

"At first it doesn't kill on purpose," Constantinescu said. "The plant tries to manipulate Seymour into feeding him more people so he can eventually more or less over run the world."

Since he was familiar with the story, Constantinescu took his first opportunity to become part of the play.

"I have been involved with theater for years and years," Constantinescu said. "This is a show I just love. I jumped at the chance to do this show. I love the music in it. It's old 50's-style rock 'n' roll. It's great."

Cook said she wanted to perform the play outside, but the downtown renovations forced it inside. The renovations have been postponed this year, but the decision to do the play inside was already made.

"We would have loved to do it outside, but we thought they were going to rip up High Street," Cook said. "So we didn't get to do it outside, but maybe next year."

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