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Letters to the Editor

June 22, 2006

To the editor:

We would like to thank the community members of Baldwin City for their support in this year's Relay For Life. Although the weather shortened the night, a good time was had by those that attended. Our evening was for the survivors and it was a pleasure to see the number of survivors in attendance this year, even with the new location.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their contributions: American Design, Inc., Baldwin City Market, Baldwin State Bank, Baker University, blooming arts, inc., Complete Music, Frontier Farm Credit, Hilco Mortgage Corporation, Lions Club of Baldwin City, Mar-Lan Construction, Mid-America Bank, Mid-America Fundraising & Carnival Company, Pause for Massage, Reece & Nichols, Rodrock Chiropractic, Santa Fe Market, Sonic, USD 348, Worden United Methodist Church, The UPS Store, The Community of Eudora, Hestia Study Club, Kirk Welding, McDonald's, Order of Eastern Star and Jobs Daughters, Palmyra Lodge, Roberts Drug Store, and the businesses in town that provided gift baskets for our silent auction.

The 2006 Relay For Life Committee

To the editor:

I attended the Baldwin City Relay For Life Friday night at Baldwin High School. I saw young people of our community that had worked so very hard to make this the best program they could. I thought they did a wonderful job, They had some great music, local area singers and everything went smoothly. The weather shut them down a little early, but that is Mother Nature.

I was however, so disappointed to note the lack of support of our town's influential. Business owners that are supported by the people of this town, saw few of them. Realtors, bankers, local downtown business owners, if there were any, they were few. I did not notice our mayor make a speech in support of the effort. Did not see any officials from Baker University. It would have been nice if the university president had come forward, wanting to give a short speech about this event and how important they are around the country. No, I saw only a bunch of young people working their tails off and making a success of "our" Relay For Life with "so little" support from this city we call home.

Danny Drum

Baldwin City

To the editor:

For the last year I have watched the Relay For Life co-chairs, Susan England and Amber Rhea, work their hearts out to have a successful event. Susan has given up time with her family, friends, and relatives, only to get what most of us that work for community/charitable events, got -- a real lack of community support.

At an event that is designed to raise awareness and funds, so that all people can benefit in some way ... maybe by finding the cure for the cancer that took your mom or dad, or a better treatment plan for your child that is suffering from a cancer that is terminal and all you can do as a parent/sibling is watch.

As a current caregiver, and the daughter who had to watch her dad die in her home, and the friend who watched a friend's child die, and another friend's mother ... where were all of you? We missed you. We needed your shoulders to cry on.

I wonder what would happen if this Relay For Life event didn't happen in Baldwin City next year? Would you miss it? Or does someone have to be taken from your life, or you from your loved ones life, to see the benefit in this event? I pray you never have to walk in my shoes.

Sheri Caldwell

Baldwin City

To the Editor:

The Midland Railway Historical Association would like to give a big thank you to all the groups, organizations and individuals who made Day Out With Thomas 2006 a wonderful success. In particular, I want to thank the volunteers from the Baldwin City Community Theater, the Santa Fe Trail Historical Society, the Baldwin All Stars, from Baldwin High School the student council, wrestling team, and pom pom squad, also Boy Scout Troop 65 and the Baldwin City Fire Department.

In the six days of the event more than 18,900 people visited Baldwin City to ride the train with Thomas and enjoy the many activities and food vendors at Allen Park.

Again, a great big thank you to you all.

Mike Fox


Midland Railway

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