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Letter to the editor

June 8, 2006

To the editor:

My family recently visited your city from Omaha Nebraska for the Day Out With Thomas. We visited on June 2 and although we did not see much of the town, we were very impressed by those that we met during our stay.

One example that really caught our attention happened in the parking area just out side the event. My 11-month-old daughter is on breathing treatments for a viral infection. My wife asked one of the people working in the parking lot if he knew of a place that we could hook up the machine. Not only did he suggest the church down the street, but he also took my wife and daughter on a golf cart to the church, helped her get set up, and made sure she got what she needed.

If all of the members of your town are like this man (I did not get his name) then you have a wonderful community that I hope you are all proud to live in. My whole family, especially my 3-year-old son, enjoyed the day out with Thomas event. Your town does a wonderful job hosting such an event and I hope that more people can experience the friendliness of your town in the future.

Gary Kudrna

Omaha, Neb.

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