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Column: Summer offers television variety

June 8, 2006

Well summer is here, high school sports are over and now I struggle to find anything good to watch at home.

The summer always brings reruns on televisions shows, not that I watch any of them regularly. I am never home enough to catch a show every week with my busy schedule.

The summer also brings us golf, baseball and car racing to watch. I don't care to watch many sports during the summer, but I will find myself watching bits and pieces of them.

Then as I looked at the major sporting events coming up this summer, I thought there might be a chance I won't be as bored as I usually am.

The first sporting event that will draw my interest is the National Basketball Association Finals. The best-of-seven series begins tonight with the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks.

Like many people, I stopped caring about the NBA when Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls in 1998.

Despite the lack of interest, I have found myself watching playoff games in the past month. I'm not sure why, but I think it has to do with nothing better to watch.

I will be cheering for Miami in the finals, mainly because former-Kansas standout Wayne Simien plays for them. It's kind of fun to cheer for Shaquille O'Neal when he isn't playing with Kobe Bryant.

Another major sporting event to watch this weekend is the Belmont Stakes. Unfortunately it might be one of the lowest viewed races ever.

The Belmont is the third and final race in horse racing's Triple Crown. Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby in early May, but then pulled up injured during the Preakness Stakes May 20. That once again shattered the dream of a Triple Crown winner.

I am sure the people in charge of the Belmont were devastated when Barbaro pulled up during that race. With the chance of a Triple Crown winner shot again, Saturday's Belmont audience will surely drop.

On Friday, the World Cup begins in Germany. This is one event that I can say I won't be catching much of. I know it's a huge event for much of the world, but soccer is still not as popular in the United States.

The sport's popularity is slowly growing, but nothing like the rest of the world. I hope the United States team does well, but I doubt I will watch them play.

Of course, the summer is filled with many other major sports to watch. One of those is the Major League Baseball All-Star game and home run derby in July. I'm just glad the game can't end in a tie anymore.

Then the Professional Golf Association tour will have a couple of major tournaments during the summer, such as the U.S. Open and British Open.

Most golf tournaments are only fun to watch during the final round if the scores are close. I have to admit that I will watch the final round of a tournament if it's competitive.

But as summer starts to slowly wind down in August, I will be cheerful. I will be glad that the National Football League will be starting soon and that high school and collegiate sports will also be getting underway.

I hope everyone enjoys the summer and that they can enjoy some of the major events happening this summer.

If you see me on the golf course or out running, you know it's because I couldn't find anything to watch.

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