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Community can be proud of Fourth

July 6, 2006

We've always known that Baldwin City is a great place to live, but what happened during the last week when it appeared the annual Fourth of July fireworks display wouldn't happen was simply amazing.

It showed that what makes Baldwin so great is its people.

When the Signal ran a story last week where Donna Kneedler, Citizens For Baldwin City president, announced that the show had been canceled, it set off a reaction like none we've ever seen.

Kneedler had said CFBC didn't have enough support, both monetarily and workers, to pull the show off again. She got both in a real hurry.

Offers of money and help started pouring in Thursday afternoon and still haven't stopped. By 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Kneedler called the Signal to say the show would go on after all. We were stunned and very pleased.

It immediately showed how much Baldwin really cared. And, it's nice to say that the caring continues.

Of course, it sent everyone scrambling to find the money, get the fireworks, obtain permits, put up signs, spread the word, etc., etc. But, it happened. Tuesday night's show can only be called the best ever.

The fireworks, of course, were the best of all. But, the evening meant even more because of the outpouring that occurred from the community to make the event happen. Yes, it's the feel-good story of the year for Baldwin City.

Everyone who had a hand in making the annual event stay an annual event deserves a pat on the back. That's a lot of patting because there are so many who chipped in. It truly made it a community event.

Maybe because of that, there were more people at the display than ever before. Maybe it took the threat of no fireworks because of a lack of support to bring even more support than ever before. Whatever it was, it was truly thrilling to see the community rally around the flag ... and fireworks.

Once again, we're proud to call Baldwin City our home. And, let's don't forget this next year. Let's stay behind the CFBC like we are right now.

One Fourth of July miracle is probably all a city gets.

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