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Time for district brooms

January 26, 2006

For the countless time in the past seven years, we're left to scratch our heads about what the Baldwin School District Administration has done. Our hair is about gone.

When it came to light that high school administrators had recommended a convicted felon for the opening as head custodian at Baldwin High School, the school board learned of the problems and rightfully delayed making a decision on whether the person should be hired. The board wanted more information. They got it and it was made clear that this person should not be hired.

What's at issue is putting a person convicted of multiple thefts in charge of the high school, which, of course, means a master key to the entire complex. Does this make sense? Of course not.

As one board member told us, it's one thing to give a person a second chance on a personal basis, but to do so with public assets is quite another situation. We agree completely.

Administrators were told of the problem the board had with the hire, but didn't do anything about it. Instead, the decision was made to allow the person to continue employment until the board can vote to hire the person or not. Why? We don't know.

Once the red flag was raised on this person, wouldn't a prudent, level-headed person or persons involved in the bad hire take care of the situation and say "thanks, but no thanks?" We think so.

And, actually, we had been told that was the case.

That's why we were shocked to learn Tuesday that the person was still on the payroll, still going in and out of every room at the high school at whatever hours.

We were as equally perplexed to learn that the decision had been put in the lap of the school board, which had already made it clear that approval wouldn't happen.

Why wait?

This is so unfair at so many levels that it boggles the mind. As near as we've been able to tell, one administrator is pointing at another, who in turn is pointing at another and so on. This is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, over those seven years we've been accustomed to the scapegoat mentality of our highest administrators and, frankly, this latest example can only be termed par for the course.

We've had enough.

James White has retired as superintendent of schools. It's the end of the line there. We'd suggest that several other administrators join him. We certainly know numerous school board members who feel the same.

There has never been a better time to clean house in the school district. Let's get out the brooms.

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