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Police catch up with candy teens

January 12, 2006

Baldwin City police responded to a rash of calls from FireTree Estates Monday where small children were being offered candy from people in cars. As a result, five Baldwin High School teenagers are being investigated.

"We must have fielded 20 calls about the time school got out," said Police Chief Mike McKenna. "It involved primary school aged children. There were two cars driving around, four teenagers in one car and one in another. They would drive up to children and they would ask the children if they wanted some candy.

"This frightened the children and they did what they should do," said McKenna. "They told an adult who called us. We identified high school aged teenagers involved in the activity and we are investigating."

He said the teens will be brought in this week and interviewed. No arrests or charges have been filed as of yet.

"We had descriptions and license plate numbers," he said. "We were able to get these people found. Some of them were brought in Tuesday and the rest will be coming in later in the week to talk about this."

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