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BCPD awarded Homeland Security Grant

January 5, 2006

A Homeland Security Grant will make sure the lights never go off at the Baldwin Police Department.

The grant, for $7,000, will be used to purchase a generator which will be installed at the police station, guaranteeing power at all times. The grant was awarded last Thursday.

"We did get $7,000 Homeland Security money for a generator for the police department in case of problems such as natural disaster or terrorist events," said Police Chief Mike McKenna.

"This is a big benefit to Baldwin residents," said McKenna. "We have to be able to maintain the integrity of our office in case of disasters. This is another big plus for the community."

McKenna didn't know how much the county had available through the grants, but knew that Eudora received $2,500. The Baldwin department has received other such funds in the past and didn't want to miss out.

"We were going to try and get it," he said. "It was part of funds available through Douglas County from Homeland Security. We're delighted.

"Our goal is to keep the police department operational no matter what events occur," said McKenna. "This generator will help achieve that goal. Without electricity, we can't be responsive to the community and we want to be able to do that."

It's unknown when the generator will be installed.

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