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Assault probe continues into BHS beating

February 16, 2006

Douglas County Attorney Charles Branson has not yet determined whether charges will be filed against a 16-year-old Baldwin High School student who allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old schoolmate in the cafeteria Feb. 3.

A tape of the incident was not turned over by BHS administrators until Wednesday morning.

"We do have the video tape from the school," said Baldwin Police Chief Mike McKenna. "I will be taking it to the DA today."

The tape shows the altercation that occurred in the cafeteria. According to Patti Carpenter, mother of the victim, the tape has been shown to the mother of the girl who handed out the alleged beating. Carpenter has met with Supt. James White and the high school administration twice about the incident.

"The school has still not turned over the tape," Carpenter said Tuesday. "I talked to the DA's office and they said at this time they don't have enough evidence to press charges."

White said he was unaware that the tape had not been turned over before Wednesday.

"I know we have tapes, because of our closed circuit camera system," White said. "I heard there was a tape of this incident, but I don't know what has been done with the tape."

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