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Search is on at district

February 9, 2006

With its first interview in over a week, the Baldwin Board of Education continued its superintendent search Tuesday night.

It was the first interview since Carol Hansen accepted the superintendent position Jan. 30 and then declined the job Feb. 1.

"We are kind of picking up the loose ends and putting it all back together," School Board President Lonnie Broers said.

Tuesday night, the school board interviewed Ralph Teran, assistant superintendent of high schools in the Wichita public school district.

Teran said he received a call from Bill Majors, Kansas Association of School Boards director of education services, Friday about the superintendent job opening here.

Teran said he had a conference to attend in Topeka, so he was able to meet with the school board Tuesday.

He liked what he saw in the district.

"It is a very attractive community with the school district," Teran said. "It has great academic growth and student achievement. I also like how Baker University adds to the town. The town also has great growth potential, but controlled growth."

Broers said the board chose to interview Teran Tuesday night, but may look at more applicants later.

"He is the only one we have at this time," Broers said. "We hope to have one or two more candidates in the near future. So far, we haven't been able to work out a schedule with them."

Broers also said the school board plans on bringing in the candidates for an all-day meet-and-greet tour, as it did with its first three choices.

"We hope to be able to do the same type of interviews that we did before," Broers said. "That is our plan."

The school board called a special executive session meeting Feb. 1 to discuss where it wanted to head next as it continues it superintendent's search.

Broers said the board didn't make any decisions at the Feb. 1 meeting, just discussed several options.

"We're still in the deciding process," Broers said. "We haven't really made a decision about where we are going at this time. We won't know until we discuss it further."

Broers said there is a possibility the school board will look back at its list of applicants to decide where to head next. He also said they might bring in candidates as they did last week, but he isn't sure what they will do.

"I can't say, because we didn't decide anything," Broers said. "We left things up in the air until we get more information."

On Feb. 1, Broers said none of the original four finalists for the job are being considered by the school board, so it must begin a new search.

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