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Police have busy day Friday with BHS students

February 6, 2006

Baldwin City police are still investigating a series of events involving Baldwin High School students Friday. In separate incidents, there was an assault in the cafeteria, reports of several girls "dusting" during the day and, after school was out, another incident involving harrassment of elementary age students in FireTree Estates brought police again.

Police Chief Mike McKenna said Monday that all three incidents were still under investigation. He also said that the teenagers who harrassed the school children for the second time may face charges this time.

"Yes, they've done it before," said McKenna. "Two of the young men have done it before."

There were three high school students involved this time. They have been accussed of driving by two grade school kids and throwing candy at them. The driver was issued a citation for violating driver's license restrictions. McKenna is discussing the situation with the county attorney for possible charges.

In the cafeteria altercation, McKenna said a 16-year-old girl assaulted a 14-year-old girl and hit her numerous times. The two were separated and sent home, he said.

"Dusting" involves inhaling compressed air. McKenna said it provides a euphoria for a few minutes, but it is extremely dangerous. Last year, 150 teenagers died from it, he said.

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