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Column: Tourneys provide exciting finishes

February 2, 2006

In the past two weeks, I have been to two basketball tournaments and one wrestling tournament, all fun and entertaining, but one stood out as the most exciting of the three.

I woke up Saturday morning knowing I would have a fun-filled day going to the Baldwin Invitational Wrestling Tournament and the Top Gun Tournament in Wellsville.

My first priority was the wrestling meet, because I had to shoot photos for myself and other area newspapers. But most of all, because it started at 9 a.m. and the Baldwin High School girls' basketball game would begin at 7:45 p.m.

I strolled into the gym in the late morning thinking that wrestling meets are very long and not always the most exciting to watch. The Bulldogs and the rest of the talented field proved me wrong Saturday.

As the tournament went on, I kept shooting pictures and walking around the mats watching different matches. I ended up shooting way too many photos, but when the camera is digital, I can do that.

I watched the BHS wrestlers have success against tough competition all day. I knew the wrestling team was very good, but I was surprised at how well it competed Saturday.

After all of the pool matches were finished, it came time for the finals. First up was freshman Alan Callahan, who was wrestling for first place.

I sat and shot photos of the match as it was very intense. There were a few controversial calls by the officials, enough to make both coaches a bit upset at times.

But the match drug on, and as it did, the crowd started to yell and scream for Callahan. He trailed by two points in the final seconds, but a takedown tied the score and sent the match to sudden death overtime.

In the overtime, people were yelling from everywhere. I even caught myself cheering loudly for Callahan. I know I am supposed to be unbiased as a reporter, but it's hard not to cheer for BHS. I always do.

Callahan pulled out the match with another take down and the crowd erupted in applause. It was the most exciting wrestling match I have ever seen. I haven't seen many, but as the meet finished up, I began to like the sport more.

I thought about wrestling in high school, but it was never my type of sport. I might have been good because of my size, but oh well, I never took the chance. I wasn't tough enough back then.

I really enjoyed my few hours at the meet and talking with the BHS team and everyone at the meet. Congratulations to every BHS wrestler on a job well done, because I know all of you competed hard.

Then the BIT finished and I headed to Wellsville to watch the BHS girls team win the Top Gun Tournament. The Bulldogs pulled out the victory, despite an ugly game. But hey, a win is a win, no matter how it comes.

The girls were happy and they should be. They worked hard those three games, maybe harder than they should have.

Saturday was the climax of two weeks of tournaments and it all came together nicely for the BHS teams.

Now, it is time for Frontier League action for all winter sports. The seasons will be wrapping up in a few weeks, so go cheer on those Bulldogs. The wrestling team hosts the league meet and sub-state basketball is in Baldwin this year.

I hope to see everybody out there cheering on BHS. Go Bulldogs.

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