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Waterline break is termed as minor

August 17, 2006

Yes, there was another waterline break in the Baker University Wetlands that supplies water to Baldwin City. But, it was not a major problem, according to City Administrator Jeff Dingman, who said it was discovered Monday morning and was fixed Monday evening.

"Yes, we did have the break in the wetlands (Monday)," said Dingman. "We did call Edgerton and Wellsville to ask them to curtail usage. We also called our bigger customers here.

"We got it fixed (Monday) night and there are no lingering effects," he said.

Wellsville and Edgerton receive water from Baldwin. Wellsville School District officials canceled school Tuesday and Wednesday as a result of the water curtailment. A water tower in Wellsville got too low and there is a boil advisory there.

The break was discovered at 6 a.m. Monday. City crews worked throughout the day to build the earth bridge to the break. Once found, it wasn't a major leak as expected, but only the size of a softball, he said.

"It was in a spot that was different," said Dingman. "It was in the swamp. It was a pretty difficult spot to get to. We thought it was going to take a major repair to a length of pipe, but it was only the size of a softball, so a regular patch clamp was used."

Residents were never in danger of having not having water, he said.

"Our towers were able to sustain us and probably would have lasted (through Tuesday)," said Dingman.

He also said the break in 100-degree temperatures and corresponding water usage helped.

"Yes, we did (get a break with the weather)," he said. "It was a good day to have it if it was going to happen."

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