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Fair time comes calling

August 3, 2006

LAWRENCE -- Cooking, clothes, crafts and several other competitions have kept Baldwin City 4-H'ers busy during the first few days of the Douglas County Fair.

The annual fair didn't officially begin until Saturday, but 4-H'ers have been busy during the past week with contest entries. Those competitions include foods, preservation, arts and crafts, photography, aerospace, woodworking and a few others.

"We really start working on our animals and getting our cooking together the last couple weeks," Emily Krysztof said. "I did my woodworking earlier in the summer, so that was done with. It gets busy the last few weeks."

Despite the busy week and hot weather, local 4-H'ers are enjoying the fair this year.

"I am having so much fun," Jamie Goff said. "It's really hot out, but it's a great time and it's worth it."

Colton Horne club really enjoys the fair each year for several reasons.

"I am having lots of fun," Horne said. "I like having fun and meeting new people. I like working with the steers and all of that fun stuff."

Horne will be showing cattle in the beef show Friday morning. On Tuesday afternoon he won the purple ribbon award for his rocket in the aerospace contest.

"It feels pretty good," Horne said of the award. "It took about four weeks to build it. This is my second year for rocketry."

Goff was entered in several contests this week, including photography and foods. She made a three-layer cake that won the purple ribbon.

"I got a purple ribbon on it, so that was pretty good," Goff said of her cake. "They are yellow cakes that are round. I put roses around them and it looks like a wedding cake, I guess."

Krysztof was busy earlier this week with the cooking, woodworking and photography contests. She entered three pictures in the photography contest and came away with two purple ribbons and one blue.

"It was really exciting, especially because it was my first year," Krysztof said. "I like my judge, because he helped me a lot and didn't just grade me."

She will be in the beef show Friday morning and then she is done for the annual fair. Her only other task will be playing in the annual water fight at the end of the fair, which can involve around 50 4-H'ers.

"We usually pick a day after the show when everyone is settled down," Krysztof said of the water fight. "We have to make sure the cattle are out and there are some regulations we have. There will be at least 50 kids out there having a big water fight on the wash racks. When its over, they go and turn off the main water line, because it's too hard to get everyone to stop. So we will do that sometime, don't know when."

The water fight isn't the only thing Krysztof is looking forward to.

"I love the fair," Krysztof said. "It's probably the best part of my 4-H year. It's a lot of fun, because we get to hang out with our friends all day. We sweat a lot and we run around with our animals.

"The beef show is fun," Krysztof said. "We sit around and play cards all week. Sometimes they let us play music over the loud speakers, so that keeps us entertained."

Horne is also looking forward to the next couple days of the fair.

"I am looking forward to meeting new friends and looking at all of the other exhibits," Horne said. "I am looking forward to the hot rod tractor pull and the (demolition) derby."

Although the fair has only begun, Goff said she is just about ready for it to be over.

"I am really glad the fair has started up, but I am excited for it to be over at the same time," Goff said.

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