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Police investigate thefts

April 20, 2006

Baldwin City police have investigated a series of burglaries and thefts in the past week. Many of the thefts were out of open and unlocked garages and that has brought a warning.

"The common thread that you're hearing is the people had left their garage door open and people have helped themselves," said Police Chief Mike McKenna. "These are crimes of opportunity. I'd like to see people close their garage doors and lock them."

Two of the thefts from garages occurred a few doors down from each other in the 600 block of Heritage and were reported last Wednesday. In both thefts, lawn mowers were taken. One was valued at $100, while the other was valued at $800. In the second theft, a lap-top computer was also taken from a vehicle parked in the garage. It was valued at $1,500.

Also last Wednesday, a similar theft was reported from a garage in the 1000 block of FireTree. There, the thief took a lawn mower worth $200 and a set of golf clubs valued at $800.

There were also three burglaries reported, but nothing was taken. The first was Thursday at 711 High Street where someone pried open the back door of what was formerly Walt's Pizza. There was $50 in damage, but nothing was taken.

On Friday, a burglary was reported in the 600 block of Eighth Street where someone tried to push windows in at an office of a Baker University building. Entry was not gained.

On Saturday, police investigated a burglary at the concession stand at the ballfields north of Baldwin Junior High School. Thieves broke two windows to gain entry, but, again, nothing was found to be missing.

Two other thefts were reported from Baldwin School District buildings. Last Wednesday, a Baldwin High School student reported that someone had taken a cell phone and $30 in cash from a locked locker. An earlier theft occurred at Baldwin Junior High School where a CD player valued at $17 was taken from a locked locker.

A cell phone was also reported taken from a Baker University student who had set it down in Rice Auditorium last week. It was valued at $50.

On the other end of the spectrum, someone left a bicycle in front of the police department on April 10. McKenna said whoever is missing the bike needs only to identify it for it to be returned.

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