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Suspected mumps case discovered at Baker

April 10, 2006

A campus e-mail was sent Friday afternoon notifying Baker University students, faculty and staff of a suspected case of mumps on campus.

Baker spokesman Steve Rottinghaus said the student, who is from Kansas City, lived in one of the Baker residence halls and has gone home for the four-day isolation period suggested by health officials. The student went to the Baker Student Health Service office Friday complaining of mump symptoms, he said.

Mumps is a viral infection of the salivary glands. Symptoms are generally fever, swelling and tenderness in one or more of the salivary glands. There is no specific treatment other than rest, drinking fluids and taking pain relievers. Mumps generally is not considered a serious illness but is highly contagious.

There have been 20 cases of mumps reported in Douglas County the past week. Of those, 16 were Kansas University students. The suspected case at Baker is the first for Baldwin City. As of Monday, no additional cases have been found.

Ruth Sarna, director of student health services at Baker, recommends the following precautions:

  • To help prevent the spread of mumps, cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue while sneezing or coughing and wash your hands frequently and avoid sharing food or drink with others.
  • Students who develop symptoms of mumps should contact the Student Health Center at (785) 594-8409, ext. 409, or their health-care provider immediately.
  • Faculty and staff who develop symptoms should immediately contact their health-care provider.
  • For students, faculty and staff who have seen a medical provider and who are likely to have mumps, the Lawrence Douglas County Health Department recommends that they isolate themselves from classes, work and other group gatherings for four days after the onset of symptoms.

No cases of mumps have been reported in the Baldwin School District as of yet. The Signal will update this story online as more information becomes available. There will be a story in next week's Signal.

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