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Letters to the Editor

April 6, 2006

To the editor:

Have any of the parents, city council members or adults in general noticed there is not one thing in this town for kids to do for entertainment. I'm sure the kids have.

As a kid growing up in this town it was fun. We had a theatre, bowling alley, video arcade and sports didn't leave town to be more "competitive." It was a community that now has seemingly forgotten about the future of this town.

Can growing up in a town with nothing to do make a kid want to stay or come back as an adult? With all the developing and home building, we all forgot about the kids and their need to have fun. I'm sure that sitting around texting each other on cell phones and playing endless hours of video games is entertaining. Or, do they even have an option? At least until they can drive, then they can go park at Santa Fe Market and get lessons in how to loiter.

Kids should not have to leave their own hometown just to have fun.

Guy W. Drum
215 Lincoln

To the editor:

Saturday was the Community Wellness Festival at Baker University. This event was funded primarily by the Baldwin Recreation Department and also included other donors.

This was the first time that I had attended this event, and I was thoroughly impressed. Congratulations to Ruth Sarna and Debbie Guenther, as well as the Wellness Festival Committee on a job well done. The organization of the event took a lot of effort on a lot of folk's part, but it certainly paid off.

The event was attended by many vendors who supplied valuable information to citizens of our community, along with safety equipment and raffles for fantastic prizes. As always, I was proud to be a resident of Baldwin and in association with such hard working people who go to so much work to make our community the best that it can be. Thank you to all donors, vendors, volunteers and attendees.

Rachelle Vigna
510 Flame Way

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