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BHS principal search is on back burner

April 6, 2006

Before Baldwin High School can begin to look for its next principal to replace Allen Poplin, the district must follow a few guidelines, according to Supt. James White.

"There are administrative procedures we are required to go through before we begin the search," White said. "We are proceeding cautiously and with due diligence meeting those necessary procedures."

When the search begins, White said there will probably be a committee formed to help find a new principal.

"It's too early to tell," White said on how the search will be conducted. "Normally, the search is conducted with two or three high school teachers, assistant principal, secretary or administrator or two."

Paul Dorathy, the superintendent who will replace White in July, hopes to have input if the committee begins a search.

"I haven't been given any details on it yet," Dorathy said. "I am hoping that I would get some input on a search, if they decided to do one. But I am not sure of any details on how it's going to work."

White has been in contact with Dorathy about the opening at BHS.

"I expect that he will have some input," White said. "I have spoken with him and he is very interested in having input. I think that's important, since he will be working with the new principal. It would be very important for him to provide input."

White wasn't sure if a new face would be brought in to BHS or if district administrators would be shuffled around.

"I don't have any idea at this point," White said. "I am sure that there may be current administrators in the district that have some interest and reasonably sure there will be some outside administrators that have some interest."

Joe Gresnick, Baldwin Junior High School assistant principal, said he wasn't sure if he wanted to return to his former position as BHS principal.

"I hadn't really thought about it," Gresnick said. "No one has asked me and I hadn't even thought about it. Things are going good here and I like where I am. I have no intention of leaving here."

Before anything can be done, White said a few things must be taken care of first.

"We the administrative procedures that are required by law," White said. "We will go through those and once we have completed all of those, we will start advertising for the opening."

The BHS principal job will become available in July. At the March 27 meeting, the school board voted 6-1 to not renew Poplin's contract for next year.

Board President Lonnie Broers was the lone vote to renew the contract.

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