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BHS makes capitol appearance

April 6, 2006

The Baldwin High School cross country teams have received many honors and been recognized by many people, but a trip last Thursday was a new experience for everybody.

The Bulldogs were invited to spend the day at the state capitol in Topeka and be introduced in front of the Kansas Legislature. State Rep. Tom Holland set the day up for the Bulldogs.

"It was a great honor for the kids to be recognized by Representative Holland and the Kansas House of Representatives," BHS coach Mike Spielman said. "They brought us on the chamber floor. They introduced the house bill, No. 60-22, which claimed exemplary achievement for the Baldwin boys' and girls' cross country teams. It passed."

BHS senior Keith Cowart had a blast at the capitol building and was excited to be honored.

"It was awesome and I liked it," Cowart said. "I am glad they chose Baldwin to go up there and be represented. It was really nice to be recognized after four years of being in the newspaper. Now we are known by the state."

The Bulldogs also saw how the Legislature works, which was unfamiliar territory for Spielman.

"It was something that we had never done before, so it was a neat experience for everybody, including me," Spielman said. "It was neat seeing how it all worked."

After watching the Legislature, the BHS teams toured the building, including the top of the dome.

"Then they gave us a tour of the capitol and then we went up in the dome," Spielman said. "That was our day. It was really exciting for them just to be a part of that and to be recognized."

Cowart really enjoyed touring the building with his teammates.

"It was pretty cool," Cowart said. "We had a lot of fun walking around up there, meeting new people and seeing the sights. It was pretty cool."

Spielman enjoyed the tour, but not the heights.

"As much fun as heights can be," Spielman said. "I did make up, but not all the way to the top. They wouldn't let us go all the way, because of the lightning, but we went up in the dome part on the inside. It was neat."

Spielman was glad Holland allowed the teams to participate in the day at the capitol.

"Representative Holland just did a great job with the kids," Spielman said. "He was the one who got it all lined up, so we owe him a big thanks for inviting us and taking care of us."

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