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Lessons from Miss Kelley

September 29, 2005

The Baldwin City community lost its finest example Tuesday. Katharine Kelley, at 96, died in Lawrence Memorial Hospital as the result of a massive stroke.

She will be missed terribly.

We can all take comfort that she didn't suffer. In the end, she went quickly. God needed an historian in heaven. He's got the best.

While we're all saddened by Katharine's passing, we need to try and make a positive out if. She lived a full, good life. Her accomplishments stretch on and on. If there was an honor to bestow, Katharine got it and she deserved it.


Because she cared. She cared about the Baldwin community like no one else. She worked tirelessly to preserve its history. It's hard to fathom the hours she spent at the Baldwin City Public Library. It won't be the same without her. She taught generations of elementary school students. She left her mark everywhere.

Katharine Kelley was all about involvement. She was always involved. She stayed involved. She never stopped.

All of us can learn from that. We all need to look at what that amazing woman accomplished. How can we do the same?

We probably can't. But, what we can do is try. This is a great community, with many, many people putting those same tireless hours into whatever organization they're involved with. Maybe that's the Maple Leaf Festival committee. Maybe it's the Baldwin Community Arts Council. Maybe it's Baldwin City Community Theatre. Maybe it's the Midland Railway. The list goes on and on.

Then there's public service, whether it's the Baldwin City Council, the Baldwin School Board or a host of other boards. They all take involvement. They all take caring about our community and striving to make it better.

That's what Katharine Kelley was all about. Let's all take a chapter -- or two or three -- from her book.

Let's keep learning from Katharine, or Miss Kelley as she was known to her students. It's never too late.

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