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District raises $14,352 for Katrina aid

September 29, 2005

A total of $7,176.27 was raised by the Baldwin School District for the American Red Cross and the victims of Hurricane Katrina, which was doubled by Kansas City Power and Light for a total of $14, 352.54.

"I think it was a great effort by all of the students, families and staff in the district," said Tom Mundinger, Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center principal. "I think it was a very generous effort on our community's part, particularly when you know people in the community are doing things through different organizations, like Baker or their church. I thought it was very generous."

Supt. James White said the fundraising is another example of how generous the community is.

"It again shows the people in school, particularly the people in the Baldwin schools, are caring, loving, concerned people," White said. "If there is a need here or anywhere else around the world, I think our community will find a way to help those in need."

Vinland Elementary School Principal Bill Scott was surprised at the amount of money raised.

"That's amazing in less than two week's time," Scott said. "That's pretty incredible. I think everybody should be extremely proud of themselves. When everybody works together, this is the kind of things we can accomplish."

The six schools raised money from Sept. 7 to Sept. 21 before combining all of the money to send one lump some to the Red Cross.

"All of the cash and coins were converted to cashier's checks," Mundinger said. "Each school took their money and turned it into a cashier's check. We combined those with the personal checks and mailed those to the American Red Cross."

The money was sent to a particular box number so KCPL could match the total. KCPL is then going to send the same amount of money to the Red Cross.

Each school made it's own decisions on how it would raise the money. All of the schools had collection cans or jars so students could bring in coins or bills.

Vinland Elementary School also held a bake sale to raise money. The student council worked the sale during recess Sept. 16.

"It was pretty satisfying as far as I am concerned," Scott said. "I think everybody really came through and I think it was a good unifying activity for the school district.

White wasn't surprised that the district raised a lot of money, because it has always been there when money was needed.

"I am pleased that we put forth that effort for catastrophic events," White said. "But you look back at other events that have taken place that have called for some kind of fundraising or support from students and staff. Our staff and students have always stood tall."

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