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Making Baldwin proud

September 8, 2005

We've all been sickened by what Hurricane Katrina has dealt our neighbors to the south in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, but especially the misery dished out in the once fabled city of New Orleans.

The television footage has been gripping and, at times, purely horrifying. That's what disasters are.

Mostly, we've set in front of the tube, spellbound by the madness of the storm's fury and the equally numbing aftermath. It's hard to believe it's America we're viewing.

But, Ken Wagner did something about that. The business man and former city councilman couldn't stand what he was seeing. So, he did something about it. He started an effort for the community of Baldwin to do something about the carnage.

We applaud his efforts. And, we're happy to say, he was followed closely once the push was made. Baldwin has come together as a community to do what needs to be done. That's the city, Baker University, the school district and everyone in between. It warms the soul.

There was a hastily called emergency meeting Friday that was well attended despite it being at the beginning of a three-day holiday weekend. But, it worked.

Almost immediately there were offers from people to take hurricane victim families into their homes, jobs for them and, of course, cash. Since then, the offers keep pouring in. Wednesday, someone offered a car.

That's a healthy start and there's another meeting. It's scheduled for tonight at 7 at McKibbin Hall on the Baker University campus. Wagner is hoping to come up with real numbers of how people can help, whether it's homes to stay in, jobs or money.

Let's unite and stand up against Katrina.

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