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Letters to the Editor

September 8, 2005

To the editor,

I was just thinking how some bullying might be stopped, and after giving it some lengthy thought, I believe that the child (or adult) that is being bullied should take some self defense courses and be prepared to defend against a bully, (if it is just one on one). Of course most bullies have several "buddies" to help him out if need be, which just proves that all of them are nothing but cowards that choose to pick on someone vulnerable and unable to defend themselves.

All bullying should be reported immediately to the authorities and immediate action should be taken against the bullies by the authorities. Futhermore, I believe that action should be swift and tough against them, and they should have counseling on their behavior.

Parents of underage bullies should be held responsible as well, to help quell these kinds of incidences. If bullying continues by any one person, they should be permanently expelled from the school. I further think that there should be ongoing school assemblies held to educate children on unacceptable behavior.

Doris Linn

Baldwin City

To the editor:

There is a petition being circulated in Baldwin City for any Baldwin citizen to sign if you are against Ordinance No. 1174. This ordinance would authorize Sunday sales of alcoholic liquor and/or cereal malt beverage in the original package within the city of Baldwin.

I attended the city council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at which time the council voted to table this issue until the next council meeting on Sept. 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the new power plant. I urge you to attend.

In the Baker Orange, Sept. 2, the Dean of Students John Frazier stated, "Most (Greek) houses have designated drivers, but 50 percent of the campus are independents and I think we need to look out for them, too." He further states, "I think we have a significant alcohol problem on the campus, we're trying to keep our students safe."

On the next page of the same paper, it was further stated that "Baldwin City seems to be on track toward approving Sunday liquor sales."

I am definitely opposed to such sales. There are already too many people being maimed, crippled and killed due to the use of alcohol. Anyone who wants to indulge in alcohol on Sunday could surely buy an extra bottle or two on Saturday and leave Sunday for family time, a time to be thankful for our blessings.

Alcoholism is a disease, I call it a choice. My choice is not to have liquor sales in Baldwin City. If you agree with me, please sign the petition.

Charlene Coates

Baldwin City

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