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Baker launches hurricane relief effort

September 1, 2005

Students, faculty and staff at Baker University's main campus have launched a campaign to provide aid to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Because of the university's ties to the United Methodist Church, Baker is organizing an effort to deliver packets of supplies through the United Methodist Committee on Relief. The supplies will be sent to UMCOR Sager Brown in Baldwin, La., where the kits will be assembled.

Students will be collecting money and items for health kits and flood buckets in the basement of Osborne Chapel on the Baldwin City campus. The chapel will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Items for a health kit are:
¢ 1 hand towel (15 inches by 25 inches, up to 17 inches by 27 inches)
¢ 1 washcloth
¢ 1 comb (large and sturdy, not pocket-sized)
¢ 1 nail file or fingernail clippers (no emery boards or toenail clippers)
¢ 1 bath-size bar of soap (3 ounces and up)
¢ 1 toothbrush (single brushes only in original wrapper, no child-size brushes)
¢ 1 large tube of toothpaste (4.5 ounces or larger)
¢ 6 adhesive plastic strip sterile bandages

Items for a flood bucket are:
¢ 5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
¢ bleach, two 1-quart or one 82-ounce bottle
¢ 5 scouring pads
¢ sponges, 7 pack, assorted sizes
¢ 1 scrub brush
¢ 18 cleaning towels (reusable wipes)
¢ liquid laundry detergent two 25-ounce or one 50-ounce bottle
¢ 1 household cleaner, 12- to 16-ounce bottle
¢ disinfectant dish soap, 16- to 28-ounce bottle
¢ 50 clothes pins
¢ clothesline, two 50 feet or one 100 feet
¢ 5 dust masks
¢ 2 pair latex gloves
¢ 1 pair work gloves
¢ 24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags
¢ insect repellent spray, 6- to 14-ounce can
¢ air freshener, 8 or 9 ounces

If people choose to donate cash, health kits cost approximately $12 and flood buckets are $45 plus a $1 shipping cost.

For more information, e-mail Rob Flaherty at, Susan Emel at or the Rev. Ira DeSpain at Emel's mother, Gwen Redding, is the UMCOR Sager Brown director. Emel is an associate professor of speech.

Baker University's Mungano and Interhall Council also plan to assist relief efforts. The organizations have set up donation stations in the Student Development office and Wildcat Cafe to support children who were transferred from New Orleans Children's Hospital to Children's Mercy Hospital on Hospital Hill in Kansas City, Mo., and Children's Mercy South in Overland Park.

Cash donations, phone cards and gift cards are being accepted. Checks can be made payable to: Children's Mercy Hospital Family Support Fund.

An account for hurricane relief funds has been set up at Baker. Checks can be written to Baker University and clearly marked Hurricane Relief. The funds will be given to UMCOR Sager Brown, where 100 percent of the money goes to relief.

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