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Consultant to be sought for community venture

October 27, 2005

After Wednesday night's meeting of various community interests -- most notably the Baldwin City Council, Baldwin School Board and Baker University -- it was decided that any possible project for a community center needed the help of a consultant.

"The consensus from the meeting was that to have any chance of success with a project of this size we need professional help," said Scott Lauridsen, school board member. "Baker's Dan Harris (athletic director) provided several examples of how they learned this lesson on some of their projects. The next step is to hear from a contact Dan had that participated in a very large project for a Warrensburg, Mo., and Central Missouri State University community center.

"We will also be discussing how we might select and jointly fund a consultant to help with the feasibility aspect of the project," said Lauridsen.

He said the meeting, which was smaller in scope than last week's initial "meeting of the minds," went well. City Council Member Amy Cleavinger agreed with that assessment and especially the addition of representatives from the Rainbow Experience Preschool being in attendance, unlike the first meeting.

"We had a good discussion and received some good feedback from the preschool on their needs, primarily space for two classrooms," said Cleavinger. "They would love to have access to a recreation facility, a gym, of some kind so the kids can do 'large motor' types of things during the winter months

"They plan to discuss their plans and needs with their board and report back to us," she said. "They would ideally love to expand what they are able to offer in order to attract more students."

Several other ideas were discussed and it was decided the group would meet again at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the district office to continue the process.

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