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Letters to the Editor

October 6, 2005

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor to show respect for one of my favorite teachers, Katharine Kelley.

Miss Kelley's first teaching position was at Clearfield Grade School in 1934 and I was privileged to begin school the first year she taught. It was a one-room eight-year school. At the age of five, I started school at Clearfield. There were three first graders -- Imogene Selzer, Dale Stanley and me, Dolores Kalb.

I remember that she had to carry in the wood and coal and she had to clean the school building every day. There was no running water, it had to be brought in by bucket.

Miss Kelley stayed at a neighbor's house and walked to school from there her first year at Clearfield. The second year she drove an old car to school from Baldwin. I remember that the roads were not paved and they were muddy sometimes.

We all loved her and she always had that kind way about her. She was strict, but in a loving way. I will always remember my first days with Miss Kelley as my teacher. In later years, she also was my daughter's teacher.

Miss Kelley was loved by all who knew her.

Dolores Kalb

Baldwin City

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Board of the Lumberyard Arts Center Project, I would like to thank everyone who helped to make Saturday's Blues & BBQ fundraiser possible. The success of this second-annual event is directly attributable to the hard work and efficient planning of our Managment, Funding, Construction and Design Committees, the generosity of the business community, the musicians, the cooks, the volunteers from the university and, above all, the people who came out Saturday night and supported our mission by attending. I would like to name everyone involved, but I'm afraid the list is too long. We heard many, many positive comments Saturday night, so we are hopeful that everyone will remember what a good time they had and will come out for Blues & BBQ III in 2006 ... and will bring your friends!

I must not forget to mention the young people of Baldwin who participated by bringing their carved pumpkins for the contest. They did a terrific job and the entries were obviously done with great thought and care. The "jack-o-lanterns" added a great deal to the atmosphere inside the lumberyard.

When this project is complete, it will benefit the entire Baldwin community in many ways. In fact, as evidenced by the uses we've already made such as the Blues & BBQ, the Holiday Art Sale, Maple Leaf booths and more, we believe this landmark building is already a benefit to the community. (Watch for classes there in the near future!) We are grateful to all of you who have realized the potential, have seen the possibilities and have been so supportive. Thank you.

Sandy Cardens

Lumberyard Arts Center Project

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