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Weaver topples 300 career win mark

November 10, 2005

After waiting nearly seven months for his next game, Baker University men's basketball coach Rick Weaver collected his 300th win when the Wildcats beat Haskell Indians Nation University 88-75 Nov. 2 in Lawrence.

"I guess it shows if you stay at one place long enough, anyone can win 300 games," Weaver said.

Weaver won his 299th game last season when Baker defeated Graceland University 80-70. The Wildcats lost their next game, ending the season and leaving Weaver one win shy of the 300 mark.

Weaver said the 300 victories are more about staying at a place for a long time than anything else.

"I think it's more a characteristic of longevity," Weaver said. "It's kind of rare that you stay at one place, especially coaching, for 20 years. I guess I owe too many MasterCard and Visa bills to get out of Baldwin."

Weaver also said the players he has coached in the last 20 years deserve credit for the wins.

"Whenever you have a big win total or you are at a place a long time, it's more of a tribute to the players that have been in the system," Weaver said. "Twenty years is a long time."

Since he began coaching at Baker, Weaver said he doesn't remember many specifics about the wins, but only minor details.

"As you have a lot of games, it's hard to remember a lot of specifics," Weaver said. "I remember the first few games I coached at Baker were in the Mabee gym. You know you are getting old when some of the games start running together."

The Wildcats started their 2005-2006 season at Haskell. Baker began its season with a win.

Weaver was happy with the team's performance, although it resembled a usual opening game.

"DJ Watkins and Andy Hannon did a nice job at the offensive end and hit some big three-pointers," Weaver said. "It was a typical first game with lots of spurts and quite a few fouls. We were able to convert at the free thrown line in the closing minutes to seal the win."

Weaver said the team is adjusting to its youth, but has done fairly well so far.

"With only have two seniors; we have a pretty young team," Weaver said. "We're trying to work four new guys into the system as well."

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