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Don’t judge too quickly

November 10, 2005

When we received the letter to the editor in the letter's section on the Web site, we were first shocked, but then fell into disbelief. The picture that the letter painted of Baldwin High School fans pelting a wheel chair bound broadcaster after Saturday's state playoff game was too much.

So, we did some checking. No, that's not what happened, exactly. He was in a bus next to Liston Stadium where he was using a television feed to do the play-by-play account of the game from. People from the stands were pelting the bus with rocks or ice. Of course, that's bad enough.

He really didn't want to make too much out of it. He's been to enough high school playoff games before. Still, it's disgusting behavior.

But, the more we talked to him, the more we learned. There are other accusations floating around Chanute that aren't in the letter, but have been sent to the state.

There are also questions about the police department's handling of the bus being unable to start and the number of tickets that were issued to cars that had been parked illegally. We explained to the broadcaster and the letter writer the reasons for the tickets and assured them that just as many BHS fans got them as Chanute fans.

We're going to look into other things. But, we're not going to judge prematurely. We know the people involved. Innocent until proven guilty applies. We'll be digging into this, but we doubt we find much wrong.

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