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Letter to the Editor

November 3, 2005

I am writing this letter in hopes that prospective home-buyers in this community will first consider a recent problem that my family has had to endure. In April of this year, my family purchased a house in Ozawkie, on Lake Perry, through a Lawrence real estate agency.

We planned to make this house our home for several years, however, we were only able to live in it for three months. During that time, my husband, myself, and my eight year old daughter were ill. As it turns out, the house we purchased is full of four types of toxic black mold. The same types of mold that cause brain hemorrhages in infants, bleeding lungs in children, Tuberculosis, Cancer, and too many more diseases and ailments to list here.

The airborne mold spore count per sample in our home was in the millions. This is the air my family breathed for three months. The remediation and repair that this house requires exceeds its value. In other words, the house should be condemned and torn down. As for us, we rent another house here in Lawrence, have depleted our savings, and our lives have been turned completely upside down. All due to the actions of a few conscienceless individuals.

So, don't ever assume for a minute that a seller is being completely honest on their disclosure. My seller told me that the house had no leaks. Also, do not assume that if a problem arises with your home purchase, that the real estate company will stand behind the product that they put their name on and collected commissions from. They won't. What you'll get is an "apology letter."

You may then wonder, are there laws to protect the consumer in these instances? No, not unless you are a big corporation with big money and the ability to write by-laws and disclaimers into your deceptive contracts all the while persuading your legislators to pass more bills to protect you, there are none. I am in hopes that the man who sold us our house, and the agents that represented him, can breath easily tonight in their mold-free homes.

Kris Taylor


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