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It’s time to help out your Baldwin neighbors

November 3, 2005

There's a group of people in Baldwin City looking for help that probably do as much as anyone to promote our community, attract visitors, fill coffers of every worthwhile organization, fund scholarships and numerous other benefits for the community and make the third weekend in October a fun time for all. And, that probably doesn't touch all they do.

So, who is it? Who is a major part of Baldwin's backbone and why do they need help? How can we not help?

It's the Maple Leaf Festival Committee, of course.

This tireless group of volunteers spends all year making the festival happen. It's tons of planning, tweaking this or that, making decisions on changes, bringing in new ideas and keeping a hold of the best the festival has always had.

The Maple Leaf Festival is what Baldwin is best known for. For hundreds of thousands of people over the years, it's the only time they come here. It's a fun-filled weekend that has become the staple of many and attracts newcomers every year.

As the festival has grown over its almost 50 years, the job the committee does hasn't gotten any easier. In fact, it gets harder every year.

Once upon a time, every civic organization in Baldwin had a member on the committee. That, unfortunately, has gone by the wayside. The committee is made up of a small group of people who have dedicated themselves to making the festival thrive.

They need help. There's a need for "new blood" on the committee. Young and old alike need to heed that call and help out.

The committee meets tonight at 7 at the library. Come find out what it's all about. It isn't an elite group. It's your neighbors.

Your neighbors need help.

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