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School board wants to hear from patrons

May 12, 2005

While there was a great deal of diversity among the topics discussed at Monday's Baldwin School Board meeting, there was a constant and a good one at that.

Repeatedly, board members and staff made it clear that they wanted to hear from district patrons regarding items involving the board. One involved new social studies books scheduled for purchase for Baldwin Junior High School. Interested parents or patrons are encouraged to give the book a look before the purchase is finalized.

Of course, a more lively topic where board members are seeking public input regards the proposed drug testing at Baldwin High School. The group of BHS staff members proposing the addition of the program have the students' best interest at heart.

The board listened to the presentation with interest. There was support shown, but there were also questions from the board.

A drug testing program at the high school is a big step. Is it a good one? That remains to be seen.

In theory, such a program would serve as a deterrent to drug usage among teens. That's what the proponent group argues. But, others argue that there's no data to prove that such programs work.

It's an interesting debate. We hope that all interested district patrons will make their views known. A public forum on the issue was suggested, too. We hope that comes about.

We will also help the debate with our opinion on at least one facet of the program. We believe that if a drug-testing program is instituted at BHS, it should be for all extra-curricular activities participants, not just athletes.

There's been a clamoring for better communication in the school district for years. Obviously, what the board and district as a whole are doing is a good sign that's happening. Take advantage.

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