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Letters to the Editor

May 12, 2005

To the editor:

Soon the State of Kansas will have a new Commissioner of Education. The question is what will be the educational basis upon which he or she will be chosen? Surely, it won't become a choice:

a) On whether a male or female should be chosen.

b) Between who is for or against consolidation.

c) Whether a person of a certain racial or ethnic background should be chosen?

d) Among the wishes of the three educational entities: a) the State Board of Education, b) the Department of Education, or c) Board of Regents.

e) Whether some racial or ethnic principle becomes a priority: i.e. 1) tuition for illegal immigrants' children, or 2) close the so called "educational gap."

f) Between conservatives or liberals.

g) On the size or members or the composition of the group who will actually choose the nominations, or in reality will the nominations be selected over a cup of 'coffee.'

h) Between who is for or against a certain finance formula.

i) Etc., etc., etc.

But the real probability is that it will be made by people who probably comprise less than one-tenth of one percent of the children or grandchildren of the students in our public schools, but, he or she will be the Commissioner of Public Education. At least on the evolution topic, there was a chance for public information and for public input.

One would hope that the real basis would be to connect the dots between the following words: education.....educated, school.....scholar, student.....studious.

Leo V. Kerwin


To the editor:

The Relay For Life Committee would like to thank Baldwin City, Marion Springs and Vinland for the support of this year's relay. The community support and participation resulted in Relay For Life being a success. We would also like to thank all of the Corporate Sponsors who gave so willingly to make Relay For Life a memorable event this year. The Basket Silent Auction, which was new this year, was a huge hit and netted relay just under $700 towards our goal. Thanks for all the hard work!

Vicki Mignot, Co-Chair

Susan England, Co-Chair

Relay For Life

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