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Cooperation is the key

May 5, 2005

Make no mistake, the cooperation shown in the last few weeks between the Baldwin City Council, Baldwin School District and Baldwin City Recreation Commission is much larger than the saving of tens of thousands of dollars to correct the lighting problem at the ball fields.

Board and staff members from all three entities got together and discussed how to correct the woeful lighting at the fields. They found answers -- to the tune of $11,000 instead of $100,000 -- for the lights, but they did more, much more.

They showed that what Baldwin needs more than anything -- cooperation among such groups -- can, indeed, happen. It has to happen and, unfortunately in the recent past, it hasn't always been there.

Baldwin needs new ball fields. We've needed them -- and talked endlessly about it -- for years. It's to the critical stage, again, and this time it looks like all involved are ready to sit down at the table and make it happen.

How refreshing.

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