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Council votes to vacate streets for Baker

March 22, 2005

When it came time to vote, Councilman Ted Brecheisen Jr. moved that a vote be made not to pass the ordinance vacating the streets. The motion died for a lack of a second.

"I don't want to see this without plans," Brecheisen said of no architecture plans for what Baker will do with the streets. "I think when we do this with any other developer, we would want plans.

"I don't feel we have enough information tonight," he said after making his motion.

After continued discussion among the council, Councilwoman Amy Cleavinger made the motion to vacate the streets. Councilwoman Nancy Brown seconded and on a voice vote the measure passed 4-1, with Brecheisen voting against it.

A complete story on the measure will be in Thursday's Signal.

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