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School board position No. 2 candidate David Norris

March 17, 2005

David Norris

Ag Sales for McConnell Machinery Co.

David Norris

David Norris

11 years in Baldwin district.

Four years on the Dg. Co. Extension Council

Why are you running for office?

I am running for school board for numerous reasons. First and foremost is that I have a vested interest in our school system. I currently have two children in our school system and I have two more forthcoming. The second would be my interest in community involvement, especially youth development programs. Thirdly, the overwhelming support and encouragement I have received from the rural community.

What goals do you have for improving the school district?

My main goal is to bring back a sense of stability and security to our teachers, staff and students. Our teachers and support staff can not do their best if they are worried about their job security. An example of our teacher's insecurity would be the turnaround of teachers our district experienced at Marion Springs Elementary School at the conclusion of the 2004 school year.

What problems would you like to address if elected?

Our school district needs to act as one again. At this time the turmoil over budget cuts and rumors of possible school closings is causing separation in our district.

Do you favor the closing of either of the rural elementary schools? Why or why not?

I strongly disagree with the closing of either rural grade school. The two rural schools offer a unique sense of security and family type values to their students that foster the development of the students. Closing either of the rural schools would also have a huge impact on the surrounding communities. Both schools serve as the cornerstone of their communities.

Should the proposed new auditorium be built at the high school or should the project be delayed?

I believe the auditorium would be an enhancement to our district. The community has anticipated this for some time, it should be put to a vote on a bond issue in the future and let the community decide if the time is right.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the administrative team and teachers in the district?

In general the staff of USD 348 does a very good job. They (staff) should always continue to strive for excellence and not settle for mediocrity.

Where do you envision Baldwin City being growth wise in 10 years and how does that impact our district?

With the continual push from the larger communities to the rural neighborhoods, the release of additional water meters in the surrounding water districts and the future rebuilding on U.S. Highway 59, the Baldwin community should have the potential for continued growth which could eventually lead to an overcrowding of our schools.

Do you think the various state assessment tests and others are a good gauge of what the quality of education is in our district?

I believe the state assessment tests are a good gauge to point out our district strengths and weaknesses. However, I don't believe a test can measure the quality of young people in our community.

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