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It’s basket time again at BJHS

March 3, 2005

With only six days remaining, the organizers for this year's Fifth Annual Basket Auction are working hard to get all the baskets ready for Wednesday's auction.

The Baldwin Junior High School will again be hosting the event as their annual fundraiser. BJHS Social Worker Laura McCall says the event is very exciting for everybody.

"It's a big fundraiser for us," McCall said. "It's a fun event. People come in for the play, and it's just a lot of fun."

McCall is in charge of organizing the auction again this year. She is also in charge of the BJHS Student Council, which receives the money from the auction.

The student council has used the money to help with the BJHS library, landscaping, getting better technology and even buy supplies for teachers.

"Our money raised has really made a difference," McCall said. "The kids feel good about that."

Vinland Elementary School secretary Crystal Harris helps with the auction by soliciting people for donations, sending out flyers and helping coordinate the event.

Harris said she didn't know about the auction until her daughter Hannah became a student at BJHS.

"I didn't even know it existed until Hannah got in junior high," Harris said. "I want to help the school."

Harris also said she enjoys the auction because of the variety of baskets.

"It's just a really neat event that people look forward to," Harris said. "The sky is the limit, these are fun, because the kids participate with it."

BJHS Assistant Principal Joe Gresnick also said he likes seeing the students get excited about the auction.

"All the kids get involved," Gresnick said. "It's a lot of fun. Everyone gets involved. I think they get a kick out of it."

The baskets are donated by students or area citizens, and usually have a theme to them. Then they are filled with items that range from business donations to tools.

Harris said they will be receiving donations for the baskets from businesses and people in both Baldwin City and Lawrence.

Gresnick said there are three parts of the auction he really enjoys.

"I like the donations, because of the variety," Gresnick said. "That's the fun things. It's fun to see people bid on the baskets. The most fun is the money going toward the school."

The auction started four years ago after McCall went to a basket auction at her niece's school. She liked the idea so much, she held the first auction at BJHS in 2001.

McCall said she would have never thought the auction would have been as popular as it is.

"I have the kids really starting to get excited about their baskets," McCall said. "These kids get pretty interested in it. It went far beyond my wildest dreams."

The auction will again be taking place at BJHS along with the eighth grade play and book fair. It will all begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday inside BJHS.

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