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BESIC thinks like Jayhawks

March 3, 2005

Comparing the school year to the University of Kansas men's basketball team has helped the Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center prepare for the state assessment exams that started Monday.

"We use the analogy of KU basketball," BESIC Principal Tom Mundinger said. "We even refer to our teachers as coaches. We start talking to the kids in August about taking the state assessment in March."

Mundinger says they start preparing for the assessments in August, just like a team starts training for the season then.

"We start in August and we build throughout the year," Mundinger said. "We start focusing more and more on that. We're in our championship season right now."

The assessments started in four of the district schools on Monday. The BESIC is taking the fourth grade math and fifth grade reading exams this week.

Mundinger said he knows his students have been ready to start the exams.

"There is no doubt in my mind they are ready," Mundinger said. "They have been focused and worked hard from day one. The teachers have worked hard from day one. They are just chopping at the bit to get to them."

Marion Springs Elementary School started the fifth grade reading, while Vinland Elementary School started their computerized math exams.

VES Principal Bill Scott said everyone is well prepared to take the computer assessments for the first time.

"This is the first time that our school has used the computer assessment," Scott said. "The teachers have done a great job of preparing the kids, and we will hope for the best."

Baldwin Junior High School took its seventh grade math and eighth grade reading.

BJHS Assistant Principal Joe Gresnick said he is glad the assessments have begun.

"I'm glad they are starting," Gresnick said. "Everybody is ready for them and they're going to put their best foot forward."

BJHS will be taking four of its six tests on computers this year. Gresnick said the students are ready to get them over also.

"They are a lot like us, because they want to get them done," Gresnick said. "They want to see how they do."

Mundinger said they are taking three assessments this year, but will be doubling to six exams next year.

Each assessment last one hour a day for a total of four days during the week. The first round of exams will finish today.

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