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Looking for bigger cats

June 23, 2005

This will be a short continuing cat tale. While the interest in my kitten search continues to be quite the topic, I was a bit tied down Wednesday with the city council flap, so it'll be brief.

The calls, e-mails and up-front comments continue regarding me getting kitten(s). I had one strange e-mail from Topeka telling me about a "great" litter box. I guess it was because I'd mentioned I was reconsidering a cat because of thinking about that.

I checked out the Web site for the litter box. Of course, it all sounded too good to be true. Wow, technology has invaded even the litter box. But, there was something missing from all the information on the site -- the price. After searching high and low, I decided to hit the "order" button. I figured the price would be there. Sure was -- $330 . No thank you very much.

I'd said I was going to go look at kittens over the weekend. I at least had to do that. Well, I went the opposite direction.

I went looking for big cats. I found them at the Kansas City Zoo. I hadn't been there since 1965. Wow, those cats are big.

Of course, the big draw there right now is the white tiger. It's on loan from the Omaha, Neb., zoo. That's the first animal we went looking for. Big cat, little cat, they're all felines and this was proof positive.

Was the famed white tiger something to really boast about, really just have to see? Well, I'm not sure. In typical cat fashion, it was snoozing underneath a log. You could only make out patches of it. I must say it was pretty cool. We did see it move -- but just slightly. I can imagine it's probably a sight to see. We just didn't get to see much.

But there were other tigers, lions, leopards and other such felines. They were great to see. And, I've changed my mind again about getting a kitten.

Now I want a leopard. I doubt too many people will be e-mailing and calling with offers for one. I don't want to think about its litter box, either, no matter the price.

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