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June 16, 2005

Two Baldwin City men were arrested Monday afternoon and have been issued notices to appear in Baldwin Municipal Court to face assault and battery charges.

"At 2:15 (p.m.) Monday in the 700 block of Indiana, two men were engaged in a physical fight over one man's wife," said Police Chief Mike McKenna. "We arrested both of them and they are to appear in municipal court. It's simple assault and battery. Both received injuries, but didn't need treatment."

The husband is 23 years old and the boyfriend is 41. The wife/girlfriend is also 23.

Charges are pending based on discussions with the Douglas County District Attorney's office following an alleged case of domestic abuse in Baldwin City Monday afternoon.

Police Chief Mike McKenna said the incident occurred around 2 p.m. Monday on Seventh Street and involved a 30-year-old man and his wife, age unknown.

"The man had been consuming alcohol all day and wanted the car keys," said McKenna. "The wife refused. He became physically aggressive, kicking and choking her.

"He left on foot before we arrived," he said. "We're talking to the district attorney about the case."

Friday was the last day for two Baldwin City Police Department officers. Tara Craig and Chuck Hensley are no longer with the department.

"We had two officers leave Friday," said Police Chief Mike McKenna. "Terra Craig and Chuck Hensley are furthering their careers by going to the Douglas County Jail to work. They started Monday."

McKenna said the shortage will keep the rest of the department busy until June 24, when a replacement will have completed training. He is also looking for other replacements.

"I'm in the process," he said. "I had applicants apply just a short time ago. I'm working through the applications and looking for candidates for the department.

"We'll still be able to do it," McKenna said of patrols and other functions of the department. "Officers will be working extra shifts until we can get the replacement June 24."

Baldwin City Police officers have some near gear in their cars after recent action. All cars will now be equipped with a laptop computer, heart defibulator and a M-16 assault rifle.

The department recently received a $30,000 Homeland Security Grant which will put the new computers in the cars.

"This money will go for mobile data computers for our police cars," said Police Chief Mike McKenna.

The defibulators will provide immediate aid for someone having a heart attack and have been provided by Douglas County.

"Each officer will have one in their car," said McKenna. "I think this is a tremendous safety net for us in Baldwin. I'd like to have one at the pool, too."

The Homeland Security money did not pay for the rifles, either. The chief said the recent case where Olathe Police Department officers had to shoot a bank robber who had taken hostages was a prime example of why such weapons are needed.

"The officers had the fire power to contain the situation," he said of the Olathe robbery/hostage episode. "These firearms will do that for us, God forbid we need them in Baldwin City."

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