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It’s time to listen at BHS

June 16, 2005

Don't listen to the administrators, teachers or coaches at Baldwin High School about problems with drugs and alcohol at the school. But, please, listen to the BHS students themselves.

The statistics revealed from a survey completed by 275 BHS juniors, sophomores and freshmen in May regarding drug and alcohol usage are staggering. It was an anonymous survey and it's easy to tell from the answers given that those students were telling it like it is.

How is it at BHS as far as drug and alcohol usage?

Apparently, not good. More than half the students say there is a drug problem. An even bigger majority say there's an alcohol problem. We hope you will take the time to read through the questions and answers from the survey in today's Signal. To say they're interesting doesn't say enough.

How about these: 36 students have witnessed another student use drugs, 58 have seen another student use alcohol and 140 have seen another student use tobacco. Now, those numbers don't seem too bad until the rest of the question is added. Those numbers are for students who have witnessed fellow students use those substances on school grounds. Yes, right at good ol' BHS.

You get the idea. The need for a drug testing program for those in extracurricular activities isn't something administrators, teachers and coaches are just for. The majority of BHS students are in favor of it, too.

Those that brought this issue to the forefront -- again -- should be commended. Their research and thoroughness, including the survey, can leave no doubt. The school board should be commended, too, for listening, but not jumping on or off the bandwagon about drug testing just yet. It's time to look at the whole picture and do it right.

For who? The students. They're the ones that are speaking loudest here. Let's listen.

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