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Here’s another cat tale

June 16, 2005

Does anyone need a kitten? Right now, I'm the clearinghouse for some 20-odd fur balls. I'm sure I have the one you're looking for in stock.

As you'll recall, last week's column was about stalking kittens. Guilty as charged, I was doing that in the back alley here. But, I've mended my ways. The joy -- because there sure isn't any money -- in it is finding the right home for right kitten.

It's one of those "careful what you wish for" things. Last week, I was pining about being catless. Well, the response has been phenomenal.

I knew when I walked in the office Thursday morning and there was a note to call an old friend, it was the beginning of something. Sure enough, I've been inundated with calls, e-mails, office stops, you name it with people having the "perfect" kitten(s) for me.

But, that's not all. Others have commented on many angles. I've had several who were laughing, one that was concerned and the forwarded e-mail about how to clean your toilet with a cat was certainly interesting. It was funny -- especially the pictures.

On Tuesday, a couple of the neighbor girls that live south of the Signal had taken upon themselves to capture the wild gray kitten I was stalking last week. At about noon, they came screaming down the alley with a kitten. It was orange and wasn't even a part of the litter I had been watching. No, thanks girls.

That night, one of them came back, with their mother, with "my gray kitten." Well, luckily, it wasn't my gray one, but the gray/orange mix of the litter. I said, no, again and explained why.

As near as I can tell, I've got three "Toonces" to choose from south of town and another pair right here in Baldwin. That was another e-mail I got -- the correct spelling of the famed Saturday Night Live cat, which I've always spelled "Tunsis." I mean, it's on a Web site for crying out loud, so it must be right.

There have been other offers, as well, including another e-mail Wednesday morning. This friend was offering "older" kittens. I'm not sure what that is, but they didn't sound like Toonces, so I'll probably pass.

Truth be told, I may pass on the whole concept altogether. Although I love kittens and cats dearly, I don't miss the litter box. I'm also sure I won't be able to get just one. I've always believed there should be a pair, especially with kittens, for someone to play with.

I'll probably go look at them all this weekend. I've at least got to do that. And, chances are, one or two will say the magic word that all cats say to melt your heart and forget their faults. What's that word? It's easy.


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