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BHS student survey details drug, alcohol usage

June 16, 2005

Editor's note: A recent survey conducted at Baldwin High School regarding drug and alcohol usage and opinions on a proposed drug testing program was completed by 275 students in the Freshman through Junior classes. Their answers are included here.

1. Do you think there is a drug usage problem among students at Baldwin High School?

177 Yes 98 No

2. Do you think there is an alcohol usage problem among students at Baldwin High School?

204 Yes 71 No

3. Do you think there is a tobacco usage problem among students at Baldwin High School?

187 Yes 88 No

4. Do you think there is a steroid usage problem among students at Baldwin High School?

39 Yes 236 No

5. Have you ever used illicit drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc.)?

55 Yes 220 No

6 Daily 9 Weekly 8 Monthly 32 Rarely

6. Have you ever consumed alcohol?

149 Yes 126 No

3 Daily 27 Weekly 24 Monthly 94 Rarely

7. Have you ever used a tobacco product?

50 Yes 225 No

22 Daily 11 Weekly 3 Monthly 32 Rarely

8. Have you ever used a steroid product?

7 Yes 268 No

1 Daily 1 Weekly 2 Monthly 1 Rarely

9. If you are NOT a controlled substance user, what influences most cause you to not be? (check all that apply)

175 parents rules/influences

53 teacher influence

94 coach influence

205 own decision making

38 drug/alcohol/tobacco education efforts by school

74 fear of trouble with the law

135 concern for your health

107 having seen a family member or friend have negative experiences

31 other

my pride

I don't want to contribute to the problem because those people are the

Ones that make us have the drug education.

My hobbies taken away


It's gross and disgusting

Privileges (cars and such)

Good choice of friends

Self Respect


Can't afford it.

Drugs suck

Having a future

Girlfriend, friends


No point -- no positives

Afraid I'd like it


Positive peer pressure

10. Have you ever personally witnessed the usage of an illicit drug by a friend or fellow BHS student?

123 Yes 152 No

11. ......... on school grounds?

36 Yes 259 No

12. Have you ever personally witnessed the usage of an alcoholic product by a friend or fellow BHS student?

189 Yes 83 No

13. ........... on school grounds?

58 Yes 218 No

14. Have you ever personally witnessed the usage of a tobacco product by a friend or fellow BHS student?

202 Yes 72 No

15. ..............on school grounds?

140 Yes 136 No

16. Have you ever personally witnessed the usage of a steroid product by a friend or fellow BHS student?

12 Yes 261 No

17. ..............on school grounds?

10 Yes 263 No

18. Are you involved in extra-curricular activities at BHS?

189 Yes 85 No

19. Do you support random drug testing for BHS students involved in extra-curricular activities?

136 Yes 78 No 60 Unsure

20. Why or Why not?


1. Because I'm not sure that it would be worth the money because if it is truly random the chance of a student testing positive will be low.

2. I really don't have an opinion. I know either way it won't affect me because I'm not a drug or alcohol user.

3. It doesn't matter to me because I have nothing to hide

4. It helps find out which students on your team are using drugs, but they would be unable to play until they pass a drug test.

5. I think it would catch some people, but I don't know if it would be an effective deterrent.

6. It's an invasion of privacy, unless they are suspected of using in school.

7. Although I think it is a good idea to have the testing, doing the test at random would probably end in suspension for half of the students.

8. I don't really care either way, but we could spend our money on other things needed.

9. I think we should so the athletes aren't involved in things like that, but then some students may get falsely accused.

10. It really doesn't matter to me.


1. It would be funny because there would only be about three people on certain athletic teams.

2. If that's going to stop the usage of drugs, then yes.

3. To keep sports clean and true.

4. The students who are clean have nothing to hide and deserve the opportunity to compete with people who do not have an advantage as a result of illegal drugs, alcohol, or steroids.

5. Because then we won't have a football team.

6. So the students will think about the consequences.

7. So our athletes are clean.

8. Because we need to get this drug problem under control.

9. Keep our sports clean.

10. Because athletes have to work to be good, when others can just do something to be good is ridiculous.

11. The drug use needs to stop.

12. Yes, because it makes perfect sense! We most definitely have a drug problem here, and people deserve to be caught. But for the people who aren't involved in drugs/alcohol, they don't have anything to worry about. Except for when you drink alcohol in front of your gym class in the locker room, of course you're going to get caught.

13. Keep the drugs out of sports.

14. I don't play sports, I don't care.

15. I think it is a good thing.

16. I feel that it will at least keep people from doing drugs and stuff for their sports' season and that is a step in the right direction.

17. Because they should be taught.

18. I think people playing sports shouldn't use drugs. They signed a paper saying they wouldn't.

19. If that's what it takes to stop our problem then it's a good thing.

20. Because it won't effect me and it will show who really wants to play.

21. Because it might encourage students not to do drugs, alcohol, or steroids.

22. If they aren't using drugs they have nothing to worry about, and if they are ... then the problem would be on its way to being solved.

23. Yes because if they are on drugs they need help. Drugs are bad and people on drugs need help.

24. I think that people will stop if they are ever going to stop if we have random drug testing.

25. Because I think it would be the right thing to do! To scare some athletes to the max!!

26. Drug use isn't worth it. Those who use shouldn't be allowed to do sports.

27. Because it will make people dedicate themselves to their activity and they will be a better athlete for it.

28. Yes because if they are doing drugs they shouldn't be doing drugs, they won't help their team out.

29. Because people shouldn't do drugs.

30. Because students who are in a sports should not be using/abusing any drug. And if they are should get taken out.

31. Maybe it will influence some students to stop using drugs.

32. Because it just seems right.

33. Keep drugs out of sports.

34. Because if you play sports you should stay clean.

35. I support drug testing on athletes. If it's going to be random then test the people that have already used and have been caught, then everybody else. But everyone should be tested.

36. I'm not afraid of the drug test because nothing can happen to me, I don't do drugs. It'll be the people that do drugs & alcohol that'll not support the program. If it was my call I'd like to have people using steroids/alcohol/drugs not allowed to play sports.

37. Yes if it contributes to the betterment of Baldwin & to the purity of the game.

38. Why should you hide not taking drugs and if you are taking drugs you shouldn't be in sports. BHS should have drug-free players.

39. To get the best players possible.

40. Kids don't need drugs if they are in sports.

41. Make teams better.

42. Because if you're taking drugs you shouldn't be in sports in the first place, you represent BHS & it should be in a positive way.

43. It is their decision to do the activity.

44. If they choose to do extra-curricular activities and represent the school, they shouldn't do drugs.

45. Yes because if they are doing drugs to help them they shouldn't be on the team.

46. It will lower the number of people in our school who use drugs.

47. If they don't do anything they have nothing to worry about.

48. Keep our teams clean.

49. There is too much drug usage at the high school age, which shouldn't be happening, and those students shouldn't be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities.

50. To stop them.

51. Because if you want to play the sport you will give up drugs and it will get rid of people who don't give up drugs.

52. Yes because we need to try to get those kids to stop.

53. I have nothing to hide.

54. Because if they're doing drugs they shouldn't be able to play. Even though you might lose a lot of people, its best for the team.

55. It's needed.

56. Because it would be funny to see our football team have like three players -- that or they would stop using drugs, which is cool too.

57. Definitely, if you do drugs you shouldn't be in sports or representing the school.

58. It's a good idea that shouldn't be limited to just student athletes but the whole school.

59. I don't think that players should be doing it in season.

60. Kick the druggies out.

61. Only in sports since they represent the school -- that way it is still optional.

62. I think that it is not needed and illegal and they should get caught.

63. We need it.

64. It would keep some kids from doing illegal things.

65. I do because the athletes who do drugs are ruining their body and should not play.

66. Yes because they not only make the teams better but they give a good name for the team and sports program.

67. The students shouldn't be able to do drugs and extras.

68. People who do sports shouldn't do drugs.

69. Because they shouldn't be doing that just to play & it's bad for you.

70. It catches the people that need to be caught when bringing drugs to school.

71. I feel that there is a problem. Baldwin wants to send out clean & honest athletes every Friday night.

72. Because they should.

73. Gets people in trouble for bad things.

74. But only if the person's suspected of using drugs. If it is random the drug users could be skipped thus defeating the purpose. Plus it is a waste of money if a person does not get caught.

75. I think all students should be checked not just extra-curricular activities kids.

76. All students should be checked, extra-curricular students aren't the ones you need to worry about.

77. Because it's important.

78. Its not your business what we do off of school grounds.

79. It gets the kids that do drugs out of sports.

80. Get the drugs out of school.

81. Athletes and only illicit & alcohol substances.

82. Only athletes.

83. Athletes only, and only illicit drugs.

84. Because it can slow you way down.

85. Yes, because if you are participating in sports, drug shouldn't be involved at all.

86. I think it will help stop the problems.

87. If you are going to be involved in the community, it is imperative to be clean.

88. Because its wrong and you should be in top conditions, stoners aren't in shape, duh.

89. Why not?

90. There are too many drug users.

91. It would be a good thing.

92. To help kids get off drugs.

93. Because there are too many stoners.

94. People deserve to get caught if they are going to break the law and school codes.

95. So the people will stop using drugs. I've already seen a few students stop using drugs & stop drinking because of this.

96. Because you shouldn't be able to do sports if you do drugs.

97. Well the reason is because even if some people say "we'll lose our players with this" you should consider the fact that you would want a clean team instead of a team that is good but does drugs.

98. Maybe people will stop using alcohol & they will see that they could be next.

99. Though I don't have a problem with people using drugs, it's the school's responsibility to keep it out of school. "School" extending into extra-curricular activities. It's our duty to make them clean HERE. Outside of that, its none of your damn business.

100. I think it will help.

101. Keeps kids out of trouble.

102. Yes because it just makes our teams weaker if people use drugs.

103. Because by drug testing you can make sure there is no foul play.

104. I think it is a good idea because hopefully this will cut back on drug usage problems.


1. It's a pointless violation of individual rights and a total waste of money.

2. I think it's a waste of money. Yeah there is drug & alcohol usage by many, but it's not a serious problem right now. The majority of teens "test the waters" in high school.

3. I don't really see why it is such a big deal, kids will be kids and I am pretty sure that most of the people administering the test did the same things when they were in high school.

4. Money.

5. Because people are going to find some way to still do drugs/alcohol if they choose to.

6. Believe me, it won't stop the problem.

7. We have the right for privacy.

8. It's none of the school's business. As long as we try to keep it off school grounds. The school needs to stay out of our live ... LIVE AND LET LIVE!!

9. BHS is too smart to use any type of drug, so why bother?

10. Because it's an invasion of privacy. If we do drugs it's our decision. Drug testing is not going to stop it.

11. Because it's stupid & will cause kids to drop out.

12. Because they won't do everyone. They need to test all the students and not just single people out.

13. Because it is not the decision of the person and I think if you say they can't do it it will send them into even more and more usage because of the free time they will have.

14. It's those people's problem if they want to throw their life away.

15. Because it is stupid. I mean there are going to be a lot of good athletes not going to play sports because of this drug testing. I only think it is stupid.

16. Because that makes Baldwin sports not as fun. You make Baldwin sports not fun because you always have to win. Why don't you stick your nose up higher?

17. Because it is an invasion of privacy.

18. Because what we do out of school is our parent's business and ours. Not the schools.

19. Won't solve the problem. Will make less people do sports.

20. No because it's stupid.

21. Because it wouldn't be random. If they heard that someone was doing drugs they would test them. I think that if you're going to test someone, do it for steroids. You should have actual athletes on your team -- not wanna be's.

22. Students who are using drugs shouldn't play sports or just stop using drugs. Then we wouldn't have a problem.

23. I don't think it is very fair to just pick random kids out to be drug tested. Who will pick them? On what basis will they be picked? Why is it necessary?

24. If you can't test all of the team picking just a few is not fair.

25. It's a waste of time & money that could be spent on things that actually matter ... like new uniforms, fixing holes in the walls, fixing the water fountains, getting enough desks for everyone, and getting new computers. Also drug testing won't significantly curb drug or alcohol use. Besides, I'll refuse to take it.

26. Waste of money. Its not like Baldwin is the only district that has kids who use drugs in it.

27. Invasion of privacy.

28. I think that there should be drug testing, but make it a requirement, not random. Test everyone who wants to participate. Also, know the guidelines are going to be if someone gets caught. Make them be straight forward and fair.

29. It's not right to invade.

30. Because that is still privacy and people know not to do drugs when involved in extra-curricular activities.

31. You're going to lose your best players. They won't quit -- they are hooked.

32. Because if someone proves positive than it effects the whole team.

33. Although I don't believe students should be using drugs, I think the school is trying to invade the privacy of students. If we did the random drug testing, and every student that uses drugs or alcohol is not allowed to play in sports, we would probably have a small fraction of students left playing sports.

34. We don't have a drug problem at BHS in my opinion.

35. We don't even have money for new computers in the library.

36. In my opinion it doesn't bother me whether or not others use drugs or drink alcohol. This so called "random" drug testing idea is ridiculous. If a person can perform even if they are a user then more power to them. Judge not lest ye be judged! Innocent until proven guilty! If we random drug test then it is just like telling someone that they are guilty to star out with. I will be deeply disappointed in BHS if they actually go through with the idea of "random" drug testing.

37. Because I think it's private and if we choose to do it it's our own choice.

38. Invasion of privacy!!!

39. Because it's against the law to test someone at school without some sort of warrant or parent consent.

40. Invasion of privacy.

41. Because it is invasion of privacy.

42. Because it won't help.

43. I just wouldn't want to pee in a cup.

44. Invasion of Privacy.

45. If you can't trust this school's kids then what can you trust and you will lose all of the school kids' trust.

46. It's stupid.

47. Waste of money.

48. Invasion of privacy.

49. This is high school athletics -- not needed.

50. Invasion of privacy.

51. It shouldn't have to involve a drug screening test when only a couple use them.

52. What is our school coming to? I think the treat is just enough. It's a waste of time and money. The chances of catching a user is small.

53. Because it's crap.

54. Because you need to let them screw up their lives.

55. It's stupid.

56. Why bother?

57. Because that is their own private thing if they use drugs.

58. Because what happens at home stays there and the school has no say so in what a student does away from school.

59. Waste of time.

60. Because a school team will lose half of their players.

61. I believe it is a waste of time & money. It will not stop students from using drugs; it will either make them better at hiding it, or it will make them drop out of extra-curricular activities, leaving them with nothing to do but the drugs. I propose supporting SOCCER at BHS instead. Thank You.

62. It's because its incriminating. The kids are not getting paid to play this sport. You have no right to assault them with a cup. Just because some of the kids are smoking pot and I know that's why you are doing it. It has nothing to do with steroids.

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